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Reichardt pushes the boundaries of NFTs and high-end fashion design. With our innovative wearable platform, we enable to showcase and control NFTs on fashion through the integration of our own app. Promising crisp and high resolution for NFTs with a built-in ultra flexible display.
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ducing J01

Identifying a gap in the global luxury market, we set out to channel our expertise into pushing the boundaries of digital art and high-end fashion design. REICHARDT evolved from initial concepts to an extensive prototyping process, continuously refining the seamless interplay of the metaverse and our craftsmanship. With our first model J01, we are introducing a wearable platform in form of a puffer jacket that enables you to experience your NFTs in a novel dimension.

For J01 we used a waterproof outdoor material combined with vegan leather made out of biomaterials to provide stability where needed. The avant design with the boxy-shaped body unified with a high collar and extended sleeves embodies the identity of Reichardt.
Modern - Bold - Futuristic.
J01 is tailored to be gender-neutral and so are the colours. The combination of the rich neutral-toned gray and the textured leather balance the interplay with the display. Without screaming colors and crazy patterns, the artworks can be exhibited without distraction.